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Solid Dyed Fabrics

150+ colour collection of high-quality cotton fabrics in various textures and weights. Whether you need cambric, mulmul, voile or pintuck fabrics, you can find them here in vibrant colours that are color-fast and shrink free. All our fabrics are mill dyed using AZO-free dyes that are eco-friendly and safe for your skin.

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171 produits


96737677 RUN 060 C 78 PTX
dd258294 m1
d4501592 m4
caa2753d M 118
bf247afb M 135
ba8e7e42 m71
b6ca1503 M 14
94456584 m16
5301132c m37
En rupture820992e7 m140
En rupture85136c40 C 35
74881d71 m152
49032e22 m156
8984b46f m9
3585a2fe m149
735d8b77 m80
544ae975 m115
431feaac m95
418fca9e m17
68fb7fb0 m5
56ef2f0a m53
En rupture51a3d96d m2
8e8a8a1c m89
7c50434b m12
5ff25372 M 64
5c80b41f m72
2cb408ce M 96
1c97b031 m57
01f88b71 m93
0ecaba4b m3
0cc1a6bd C 20
77130c58 cf16
4355be83 cf_8
495cbd30 cf4
8fcf54af CF_ 64
4f0c7b9e cf99
4e43ecf8 cf47
C-8 Light Brown Shade Solid Dyed Cotton Cambric Fabric
C-7 Blackish Green Shade Solid Dyed Cotton Cambric Fabric
906a1dfe C 119 (1)
990e6f22 C 62
d1afce45 C 61
b1d75189 C 130
e074ca49 C 125
4ac2025d C 124
5308e9fd C 123
906a1dfe C 119