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Cotton Lino Hand Block Printed Fabrics

Cotton lino has beautiful stripes pattern long with a subtle geometric design printed across the length. It features a striped pattern in the weave that adds texture and interest. Our hand block printed fabrics are made with natural & non-toxic dyes and traditional techniques, creating unique designs that showcase the beauty of craftsmanship. This collection offers a range of colours and patterns to suit any style and occasion.

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Grey Natural Dyed Mini Leaf Booti Cotton Dooby FabricGrey Natural Dyed Mini Leaf Booti Cotton Dooby Fabric
c845d284 RUN 008 DBK 1629_3 1c845d284 RUN 008 DBK 1629_3
f53905ed RUN 008 DBK 1629_2 1f53905ed RUN 008 DBK 1629_2
68f88f54 RUN 008 DBK 1629_4 168f88f54 RUN 008 DBK 1629_4
e4652def RUN 008 DBK 1629 1e4652def RUN 008 DBK 1629